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Small scale brewing operation with room to grow.

Our Brewing Operation

When we decided to add a full service restaurant and bar to our tasting room we knew we would want to offer beer to our guests. By state and federal law, distilleries are required to have a brewing permit to sell any beer. Our head distiller Mitchell Parr spent many years brewing beer locally and in Chicago for Lagunitas Brewing Co. before we opened the distillery. With the proper permits and a small 7 bbl brewing system, the tasting room serves our small batch house beers and other Wisconsin craft beer! We are happy to be able to support the small breweries in Wisconsin that we love. Due to spirit production demands, we recently brought brewer Graham Kaczmarek onto our team to focus on our house beer program. Graham had worked in several departments for Odell Brewing in Fort Collins, CO before moving back to Wisconsin. Graham has brought with him some very unique beer recipes including his dill flavored pilsner, which makes for the best Bloody Mary side car.

Woodpecker Barrel Series Vol 3.
Eggnog Stout | 11% ABV | 16 IBU
This barrel aged cream stout enjoyed fourteen months in our spent rye whiskey barrels. The mellow complexity that came from this aging process left us with the perfect canvas to create this holiday delight. With spicy overtones that conjure up laughter from the past and excitement for the future. This tasty treat is a celebration of what has been and what will be. Don’t you go falling in love with it now because this is a limited release.

American Lager | 4.7% ABV | 7 IBU
This American lager is a tribute to the old timers who drank beer that tasted like beer. Whether your first sip was from your grandpa’s can when he took an afternoon nap, or from your dad’s stash in the garage fridge, this golden pilsner is a throwback to that classic style. 6 row and flaked corn give off that clean crisp yet sweet taste that is reminiscent of drinking in a cornfield with a group of friends. Cluster hops, one of the original North American grown hops which still grows wild in Milwaukee, paired with Galena hops give it that quintessential classic clean taste. This beer is the perfect break from todays over the top craft beer environment. Sometimes it’s important to remember what something was in order to fully appreciate and understand what it has become.

American Pale Ale | 6.4% ABV | 55 IBU
A heavy-handed American pale ale with a deliberate yet delicate malt forward approach. Triple hopped with Zappa, El Dorado and Strata from the American west. This beer is our attempt to capture the spirit of Jerry Jeff Walker in a glass. Living on the edge of APA/IPA featuring hops that are all headliners almost incapable of playing second fiddle. A little out of control to some and just right to others.

“The only way to know how much is enough, is to do too much, and then back up.”
– Jerry Jeff Walker

Hard Seltzer | 5% ABV
We went to a few local farms and asked the farmers for their ripest, freshest, tastiest fruit and let those answers and that fruit lead the way. We ended up with a muskmelon, blackberry, blueberry hard seltzer. No tricks, no gimmicks, no extract just as pure of a seltzer we could make with as fresh of fruit as we could find. Unfiltered and raw comes across a little tart as it should. To be enjoyed with a friend or a foe or someone you don’t even know.

Märzenbier | 5.1% ABV | 23 IBU
This German lager has a deep copper color with bright clarity and a solid, off-white head. The aroma highlights the malt with rich toasted caramel and honey characteristics that carry over into the flavor profile. The moderate hop bitterness provides balance without overshadowing the malt backbone. Sweet and tropical fruit tones can be noted in the shadows of the background. With a clean finish that one would expect from a lager.

Midwestern IPA | 6.2% ABV | 51 IBU
This beer starts out with a balanced malt character adding depth and complexity keeping drinkability at the forefront. The malt profile provides a solid base yet is delicate enough to allow the hops to shine through. Some residual sweetness helps to marry the flavors and keep it refreshing. Our hop technique was more west coast style as we wanted to get the classic IPA feel. An aggressive cocktail of Strata, El dorado, and Idaho 7 is a sure sign this beer isn’t messing around. The flavors will evolve as your glass starts to warm up if you have that kind of will power. Bottoms up and keep ‘er tuned.

Pickled Pilsner | 4.9% ABV | 30 IBU
Brewed with a Czech Pilsner approach and a pickle attitude, this beer was inspired by sassy little Grandma Gladys and her delicious homemade pickles. We added dill early and often to this creamy lager with dashes of Cayenne pepper, sea salt and some pickling spices along the way. This beer is unfiltered, untamed, and full of dill. Great for breakfast and bowling. A worthy sidekick to your next Bloody Mary.

Woodpecker Barrel Series Vol 2.
Coffee Cream Stout | 10.8% ABV | 14 IBU
We hand selected and blended whiskey barrels of aging chocolate stout to create this deep bodied creamy treat. Toasted almonds and hazelnuts bring out a nutty warm buttery feel. We used fresh locally roasted coffee beans to balance out the lactose sweetness. This barrel-aged delight is sure to evoke your creative side. Sourced from familiar places created by local faces. To be enjoyed any time of day in any kind of way.

Woodpecker Barrel Series Vol 1.
Chocolate Coconut Stout | 10.2% ABV | 21 IBU
This barrel-aged stout leads with a jet-black viscous flow and a warm caramel head. The nose hits you up front with wet whiskey oak mellowing into aromatic sweetness and deep floral vanilla tones. The rich and creamy milk chocolate backbone combined with toasted coconut takes you on a deep nutty journey with hints of light caramel, and dark chocolate to finish. With a velvet mouthfeel and legs for days, this stout is perfect for sharing with friends and family or not sharing at all!

Mango APA | 4.8% ABV | 34 IBU
An unfiltered and unapologetic fruited American Pale Ale. This unique flavor profile is the result of loads and loads of mangos combined with heavy-handed Citra hops. With a color that looks like a fresh cut mango this adventure is a little sweet, a little aggressive, a little fruity, a little bitter, but worth the ride.

New England IPA | 6.4% ABV | 50 IBU
This New England IPA lures you in with a bright and inviting juice-like appearance and a floral yet fruity aroma. The smooth and creamy mouthfeel illuminates the stage for the complexity of Mosaic to shine through. With a little help from El Dorado and BRU-1 this full-bodied IPA showcases the juicy side of hops. Our hop technique was heavy handed yet thoughtfully delicate. Some residual honey sweetness comes through on the back end. Goes great with sunshine and nighttime.

Wee Heavy | 5.6% ABV | 25 IBU
A rich and creamy sweet Irish ale with mild bitterness and a drinkability that allows for an early start, because let’s face it, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early. Whether it’s for breakfast or a nightcap this dark ale is sure to be a good friend. The dark brown hazy color and oversized head is followed by a creamy mouthfeel and a roasty sweetness that goes down smooth.

Spicy Pickled Pilsner | 4.9% ABV | 30 IBU
The kitchen team made a specialty house hot sauce by blending several habanero pepper varieties and letting them ferment in emptied whiskey barrels. Not only did this create a great hot sauce but it also presented our head brewer with the opportunity to spice up our already-popular pickled pilsner. When these peppers were removed from the barrel, Graham immediately filled it with Wisco Sidecar and let the bold flavors get to know each other. The result is an aromatic peppery sensation with a depth of spice that warms the soul. This habanero-forward dill-infused pilsner is a limited release so treat your taste buds to this wild ride while you can!

American Sour Ale | 4.7% ABV | 12 IBU
Caramel malts paired with a generous helping of raspberries, blackberries, and elderberries give off this deep dark reddish hue and soft fruity aroma. Belgium rock candy helps to balance the tartness of this fruited sour ale. “It’ll set your head on fire an’ make your kidneys scream!”

American Pale Ale | 5.4% ABV | 38 IBU
The coppery orange hue of this APA hints at the light caramel and toasted maltiness body to follow. Ekuanot hops lead the way for this west coast style pale ale. Not too fruity not too bitter walking the line between too much and not enough. Pairs well with good company and tasty grub. A well balanced companion for chasin’ shade on a hot day.

Pickled Pilsner | 5.2% ABV | 22 IBU
Brewed with a Czech Pilsner approach and a pickle attitude, this beer was inspired by sassy little Grandma Gladys and her delicious homemade pickles. We added dill early and often to this creamy lager with dashes of Cayenne pepper, sea salt and some pickling spices along the way. Great for breakfast and bowling. A worthy sidekick to your next Bloody Mary.

Pale Ale| 4.7% ABV | 30 IBU
Light, refreshing with flavors of stone fruit.

Midwest Murky IPA | 4.8% ABV | 30 IBU
Pure, Unfiltered, Wild, American style IPA. Zappa and Medusa hops are behind the wheel of this ride. Native to North America these hops were discovered in the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico. Late additions and heavy dry hopping technique help to showcase their rebellious aroma and unique flavor profile that is hard to fit into a category. Fruity yet floral characteristics with a silky mouthfeel and some back end bite. This beer encourages free expression and celebrates innovative characteristics which is fitting being that Zappa hops are named after Frank Zappa himself.

American Golden Ale | 5.1% ABV | 19 IBU
This ale showcases Strata and Galaxy Hops with a helping hand from Sabro and Falconers Flight. The result is a smooth crushable golden ale with citrusy hits of grapefruit & passion fruit. Stay golden!

German Mild | 6.5% ABV | 40 IBU
German style mild ale brewed with Northern Brewers hops and Crystal hops. Light brown/dark amber in color and medium in body. Nutty and chocolate aromas; malty in flavor, finishing with just a touch of robust bitterness and hop.

He is a wise man who invented beer.

– Plato


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