Fieldnotes Gin

Wisconsin Gin Distilled from Wheat & Barley

The cleanest floral flavored gin.
Botanical fruit on the nose, finishing long and mineral laced.

Distillation Process

Our Fieldnotes Gin is initially distilled from grains in our 1500L Kothe system to produce our base spirit. This base is then combined with a variety of botanicals and re-distilled in our Artisan pot still.

Organic Ingredients

Our gin is made using organic wheat and barley to produce a clean yet fruity base spirit. By adding botanicals such as lavender, bay leaf, thyme and lemon we create a bright and complex floral experience.

Made In La Crosse

We are sourcing most of the ingredients for our spirits right here in our own backyard from local farmers. Our distiller is taking those locally sourced ingredients and distilling them at our facility in downtown La Crosse. Every step of the process is handcrafted and made in house.

Our Handcrafted Gin

At La Crosse Distilling Co. we partner with local family farms who share our commitment to care for the land, utilizing sustainable practices to grow organic grains. We combine these exceptional ingredients with water from the region’s glacial aquifers to create our Fieldnotes Gin. We invite you to experience the Driftless Pure taste of our Genuine Wisconsin Spirit.

Serve With

Fieldnotes Gin is best served with a drier, spice-forward tonic. This mix offers extreme complexity, mystery, and curiosity. With our floral and botanical-heavy gin and a spicy tonic water, you’re bound to taste all aspects of a garden in one sip.

The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire.

-Winston Churchill

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