Bluffside Apple Brandy Bottle By La Crosse Distilling Co


Bluffside Apple Brandy

Farm-pressed cider and double-distilled in bourbon barrels aged slow.

(750ml, 84 Proof) • Handcrafted In Wisconsin




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  • Several varieties of organic apples are pressed and fermented into cider. The cider is double distilled and aged two years in oak bourbon barrels.

  • Bluffside Apple Brandy® is enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in your favorite brandy inspired cocktail.

  • In partnership with Hoch Orchard, we combine our love for local collaboration and a reverence for organic farming to craft this Wisconsin favorite.

  • Hoch Orchard is a vertically integrated farm growing apples and fruits without chemical and pesticide interventions allowing their apples and fruit to naturally grow and ripen.


This specialty Bluffside Apple Brandy® captures the taste of our region by utilizing locally grown organic apples that are fermented into organic apple cider. The apple cider is used as the base of this spirit.

Farmer Forward Driftless Pure

 BLUFFSIDE APPLE BRANDY® is the essence of the finest organic apples from our Driftless Region. Our family farmers produce apples grown in healthy soil and free from chemicals. The combination of apple and brandy is a very happy marriage here in Wisconsin.

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