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Welcome To The Barrel Room

We will start putting bourbon and whiskey into barrels in Fall of 2018. As it goes with all good things, time is of the essence and we’ll have to be patient as these spirits interact with their new oak barrels. We’re excited about the barrel wood resource we have right in our own backyard. Staggemeyer Stave Co. which is located 20 minutes southwest of us is world renowned for their white American oak staves. These oak staves are coopered into a variety of whiskey, bourbon and wine barrels. Their wood is harvested within 150-mile radius of us and sought after because of our long, cold winters which creates tight rings in the tree and ultimately produces a better barrel for aging spirits. Staggemeyer responsibly harvests all their wood, only cutting down oak trees around the 100-year-old range that are at the end of their life cycle. Stop in at the distillery and visit the barrels, they like the company!

We are honored that you have joined us on our journey, and hope to be able to share a glass of this wonderful new release with you soon.

Nick Weber

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